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SAD Test: Do I have Seasonal Affective Disorder?


During the fall and winter months, do you often feel sad, down, or depressed?

Rarely or never.

Occasionally, but it doesn't last long.

Frequently or most of the time.


Do you tend to lose interest or pleasure in activities you usually enjoy during the colder months?

Not really.

Sometimes, but I can still find enjoyment in some activities.

Yes, I often lose interest in activities I used to love.


Have you experienced changes in your appetite or weight during the colder months?

No significant changes.

Some fluctuations, but not drastic.

Noticeable changes in appetite and weight.


Do you find it challenging to concentrate or focus on tasks during the fall and winter months?

Not really, my concentration is unaffected.

Occasionally, but it doesn't hinder my productivity.

Yes, I struggle with concentration and productivity.


Have you noticed any changes in your sleep patterns during the winter?

Sleep patterns remain consistent throughout the year

Experience slight disruptions in sleep

Notice a significant change, experiencing excessive sleep or insomnia


How would you describe your energy levels during the fall and winter seasons?

My energy levels remain consistent throughout the year.

My energy levels are slightly lower, but I can still function well.

My energy levels are significantly decreased, and it's difficult to accomplish daily tasks.


How significantly do these seasonal mood changes affect your overall well-being and quality of life?

They have minimal impact on my overall well-being.

They moderately affect my quality of life.

They significantly impair my well-being and daily functioning.