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How Sissy Are You?

1. How often do you cry during movies?





2. Do you enjoy cooking and baking?

Yes, I love it


Not really

No, I prefer to eat out

3. How do you feel about traditional gender roles?

I embrace them

I'm neutral

I challenge them

I reject them

4. How do you feel about being called "girly" or "feminine"?

I embrace it

I'm neutral

I don't like it

I reject it

5. How do you feel about taking care of your appearance?

I enjoy it

I do it, but it's not my favorite

I don't really care

I don't bother

6. Do you enjoy reading romance novels?

Yes, I love them


Not really

No, I prefer other genres

7. How do you feel about wearing dresses?

Love it! I feel fabulous.

I don't mind occasionally.

Not my style at all.

8. How often do you wear makeup?

Every day, I enjoy experimenting with different looks.

Only for special occasions.

I rarely wear makeup, it's not my thing.

9. What type of shoes do you prefer?

High heels, of course!

Flats or sneakers, comfort is key.

I prefer boots or sturdy shoes.

10. How frequently do you engage in activities typically associated with being "girly"?

Often, I enjoy makeup, skincare, and other traditionally feminine activities

Occasionally, I appreciate some of those activities but not all

Rarely, I'm not particularly interested in those things

Never, I have no interest in traditionally feminine activities

11. How much importance do you give to societal expectations and norms?

I feel the need to conform to societal expectations and norms

I consider societal expectations but also value my individuality

I don't give much importance to societal expectations and norms

I completely disregard societal expectations and norms

12. How do you feel about receiving flowers as a gift?

Love it

Like it


Dislike it

13. Do you have ladies underwear?

I secretly own them, and appreciated.

I wear them all the time and I'm not afraid to tell people.

I wear them around the house and don't tell anyone.

It is not to my liking.

14. If there was a Free Dress Festival, which set would be your first choice?

Athleisure suit

Mini skirt, black silk, high heels

White shirt, jeans


15. What type of blogger do you follow the most on social media?

If you'd rather have a spa day than a day at the rodeo, it's time to take the Sissy quiz and let your fabulous flag fly!