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Squid Game personality quiz: Which Squid Game Character Am I?

1. Why would you play the game?

I'm in a lot of debt

For fun! Seems like an innocent game

Someone I love needs money

I want money and it seems like a great opportunity

Because a friend dared me

None of these reasons

2. What would you do when you realized the game was deadly during Red Light, Green Light?

Stay calm and still

Scream and run to the door

Scream but stay still

Stay put, but secretly freak out in your head

Run, but just because most people are

Start laughing

3. Without knowing the game, which shape would you choose?





Whichever one most people choose

Whatever the smartest person chooses

4. What is the most important personality trait for the game?

Physical strength

Social skills





5. What is your opinion on Mi-nyeo?

She's okay

She's hilarious

She's so annoying

She's the worst

She's the best character

I don't like her but she makes the show better

6. How about Sang-woo?

He is a horrible person

He is a smart player

He is a murderer and deserves worse than death

He wasn't that bad but he could have done some less ruthless things

He is so over-hated and he was just playing the game to win

He is the best character by far

7. Putting all feelings beside, who really deserved to win?







8. If you won, what would you do with the money?

Save it all

Save half and spend half

Buy a nice house

Support my family

Pay off all debts

Give some to charity and save the rest

Do you have the resilience and resilience of Oh Il-nam, or the strength and leadership of Hwang Jun-ho? Take our Squid Game test and uncover which Squid Game character you truly are!