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What's Your Next Manicure? Quiz

1. Which nail length do you prefer?


Medium length


Extra long exaggerated type

2. Which of the following parties do you prefer?

Halloween party

Christmas party

Nightclub party

Birthday party

Family party

3. Which season inspires you the most for nail art?





4. What do you do when a dish you've never seen before appears on the dinner table?

Grab your utensils and try it right away.

Take a closer look at it before deciding whether to eat it or not.

I will definitely not eat anything I have not tried before.

Find someone to try it for me first.

5. What pattern elements do you like to add to your life?

Favorite colours

Favorite flowers and plants

Cartoon characters

Classic plaid

Irregular patterns

Anything bright and shiny

6. Do you worry about nail art interfering with the movement of your hands?

Not at all, I can have someone else do it for me.

I'm already very familiar with life with manicures

The long ones might interfere, I would go for the short ones.

I do worry about it, so my manicure never stays on for very long.

7. Which color palette do you prefer?

Neutral and pastel shades

Vibrant and neon colors

Earthy and natural tones

Monochrome and metallic hues

8. How do you feel about nail art accessories?

Love them! The more, the merrier

Not a fan, I prefer clean designs

I like minimal use of accessories

I'm open to experimenting with accessories

9. Are you willing to spend time on intricate nail designs?

Yes, I enjoy intricate details

No, I prefer simple and quick designs

It depends on the occasion

I'm open to trying different styles

Discover your next manicure obsession with our fun nails quiz – because life's too short for boring nails!