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Personality Quiz: How do I Know if I am a Therian?


How do you feel about animals?

I love animals and feel a strong connection to them

I like animals, but don't feel a particularly strong connection to them

I don't really care for animals


Have you ever had dreams or visions of being an animal?

Yes, I have had vivid dreams or visions of being an animal

I have had some dreams or visions, but they weren't particularly vivid

No, I have never had dreams or visions of being an animal


Have you ever been drawn to specific animal symbols or representations in art or culture?

Yes, I feel a connection or attraction towards certain animal symbols

No, I don't have any specific attraction to animal symbols

I appreciate certain animal symbols, but it's not a strong connection


Do you feel a strong connection to nature?

Yes, I feel a deep connection to nature and the natural world

I like nature, but don't feel an especially strong connection to it

No, I don't feel a connection to nature


Have you ever felt like you could communicate with animals on a deeper level?

Yes, I feel like I can communicate with animals in a way that goes beyond words

I have had some experiences that made me feel that way

No, I don't believe in the idea of communicating with animals on a deeper level


Do you feel more comfortable in natural environments, such as forests or open spaces, as opposed to urban settings?

Yes, I feel a strong connection to nature

No, I prefer urban environments

I don't have a preference or it doesn't make a difference to me


Do you have a heightened sense of empathy towards animals, being able to understand their emotions and needs easily?

Yes, I feel a deep sense of empathy towards animals

No, I don't feel any different from most people in this regard

It varies, depending on the animal or situation


Do you find yourself instinctively knowing or understanding certain animal behaviors or instincts without prior learning or research?

Yes, I've had those moments of instinctual knowledge

No, I don't experience that

Sometimes, but it's not consistent or reliable


Do you feel a discomfort or unease when you see animals in captivity?

Yes, it makes me feel uneasy or saddened

No, it doesn't affect me in any particular way

I feel conflicted or don't have a strong reaction either way