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Trust Animals Quiz: Can I be Trusted with an Animal?

1. Do you often carry dried fish or meat with you in case you encounter stray animals?

Yes, I always carry these.

No, I never cared about that.

I don’t take it with me, but when I see stray animals I will buy food for them.

Animal protection organizations do this, so I don’t need to worry.

2. Do you have any experience participating in activities of similar animal protection organizations?

I never miss any activity.

I often attend.

I participate occasionally.

I never participate.

3. Do you know the food preferences or living environments of different animals?

I am an expert in this field.

I know better.

I only know a few.

I don't care about that.

4. What is your first reaction when you see a stray puppy on the roadside?

Take out your mobile phone and take pictures.

Say hello to it.

Prepare food for it.

Squat down and look at it.

5. What is your first reaction when you see a disabled animal?



Feeling sorry.


6. Do you currently have a pet, or have you ever had a pet?

I currently have pets.

I once had a pet, but it died.

I once had a pet, but for some reasons, it has left me.

I have no experience.

7. Do you like to wear perfume?

This is a must-have for me, I love the smell of perfume all over my body.

I use it sometimes.

I only use a small amount every time I go out.

I don't like perfume.

8. Do you have a preference for animals? Such as breed, color, size, body odor, etc.

Any animal is my favorite.

I only like pet animals.

I do have a preference in this area and I can’t fall in love with all animals.

My attitude towards any animal is the same, they are just animals.

9. When you just come into contact with an animal and it scratches you, what will your attitude be?

We have just met and he is not familiar with me yet, which is normal.

I have to stay away from it, I don’t want to get hurt again.

Animals that hurt people should be captured.

I have to be careful next, if it is still hostile to me, then I should leave.

10. Where will your next travel destination be?

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