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Waste Recycle Trivia Test

1. Where should soiled pizza boxes be thrown away?

Green composting cart

Blue recycling cart

Returned to the store

2. Do you need to remove the cap on plastic bottles for recycling?



Both are fine

3. Are paper towels and napkins recyclable?



Both are fine

4. Where should old batteries be recycled?

In the trash

In a sealed bag on top of recycling carts for the driver to collect for special recycling

In the bottom of a kitchen drawer

5. What kind of plastic CANNOT be recycled?

Black plastic containers

Bubble wrap

Plastic wrap

Plastic bags

All of the above

6. What items can be dropped off at the Household Hazardous Waste facility?


Fluorescent lamps, computers and TVs, old paint, cleaning products and pesticides

Large Appliances


7. Do food containers need to be rinsed out before being recycling?



Both are fine

8. Which of the following items CANNOT be thrown into the green composting cart?

Meat and bones

Chinese food carry out boxes

Wine corks


Grass and leaves

Paper coffee cups

Pizza boxes

9. Where can you recycle e-waste, like old TVs, computers, and CDs?

Schedule a drop-off through the Household Hazardous Waste program

Drop off items at an electronic scrap recycling event

Drop off items at Green Citizen, a local electronic waste recycling company

All of the above

10. What is the turnaround time from when an aluminum can is recycled to becoming a new can?

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