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Career Test: What Job Should I Do? Quiz

1. Which gender are you?



I refuse to answer.

2. In your spare time, you prefer to:

Watch movies

DIY projects

Listen to music

Go cycling

Grow plants

3. If you could donate a sum of money, you’d like to give it to:

The film crew of Avengers.

NGO, public-awareness organizations and fund raising foundations like the WWF.

5. Which of the following makes you feel more accomplished?

Doing a job well in my own way.

Leading a team to achieve my goals.

6. If your boyfriend/girlfriend gives you an SLR camera, you would:

Read the instructions first.

Try to take pictures with it immediately and wonder at its complexity.

7. You are more gifted at:

Writing and creating art.

Doing research and analysis.

8. After work you prefer:

To go home and stay with my family.

To hang out with my friends.

9. If you had the chance of living for one hour on this same day 10 years in the future and fulfilling one wish, you'd like to know:

The stock index, the housing prices and the commercial trends of the past 10 years.

The way my friends, my loved ones and I have lived in the past 10 years.

10. Do you prefer detective novels to romantic ones?



11. If your mom is always cleaning up your room, even though you have asked her not to, what would you do if she comes cleaning again?

I would be very angry and yell at her: "This is where my inspiration comes from!"

I would be upset that she disrupts the order of things but say nothing.

12. Do you prefer to lose yourself in your imagination rather than think about real life?



13. Time permitting, which would you prefer:

Spending 2-3 years studying a subject I have an interest in.

Living an easy life.

14. Which TV programs do you prefer:

Discovery and BBC documentaries.

Financial and economic programs, like the Apprentice.

15. Do you take an unbiased stand towards social problems?

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