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How Do You Know What Color Your Aura is?

1. How are you feeling?

Grounded and passionate

Empowered and social

Confident and creative

Gentle and sensitive

Loving and peaceful

Expressive and wise

Empathetic and connected

2. How would you describe your communication style?

Direct with lots of body language

Upbeat, open, and friendly

Energetic and humorous

Soft-spoken and sweet

Calm and compassionate

Fully honest and transparent

Somewhat reserved but still charismatic

3. What's your ideal getaway?

A vast forest with a gorgeous campsite

Anywhere with plenty of adrenaline-pumping outings and adventures

A big city full of characters and new faces

A quaint town or village near a forest

A restorative zen retreat somewhere tropical

The beach—all day

A serene mountain lodge

4. Which of these careers would suit you most?

Acting or dancing

A tour guide or park ranger

An artist, writer, or musician

A therapist, particularly for families and couples

An event planner or real estate agent

A spiritual teacher or guide

A monk

5. Where do you feel the most energy within your body right now?

The base of your spine

The low abdomen, beneath your belly button

The upper abdomen, between the belly button and the bottom of your ribs

In and around your heart center

Behind your ribs

In your throat

Your third eye, between the eyebrows

The crown of your head

6. How do you define success?

Stability and a lavish lifestyle

Accomplishing challenging feats or winning competitions

Using my strengths and abilities to help others

Establishing strong interpersonal and romantic relationships

Helping others while making enough for myself

Feeling balanced within myself and relationships

Leaving the world a better place than when I got here

It can't be defined; it's simply a feeling of contentedness

7. Do you consider yourself intuitive and/or psychic?

Not so much, but I can still read a room

I'm creative but can't say it's intuition, exactly

I'm good at inspiring and motivating people. Does that count?

Yes, I usually have a good idea of how people are feeling

Yes, I often feel connected to other people and my environment

Yes, almost too much so

Yes, I've even dreamed about things before they happen

By answering just a few fun questions of aura color test, you'll find out which color best represents your aura and what it says about your personality.