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Chicago Bears quiz:What do you know about the Chicago Bears?​

1. When were the Chicago Bears founded?





2. What is the name of the Chicago Bears' home stadium?

Soldier Field

Wrigley Field

Guaranteed Rate Field

United Center

3. How many Super Bowl championships have the Bears won?





4. Who is the all-time leading scorer for the Chicago Bears?

Walter Payton

Devin Hester

Robbie Gould

Kevin Butler

5. What is the nickname of the Chicago Bears' defense in the 1980s?

The Steel Curtain

The Purple People Eaters

The Monsters of the Midway

The Fearsome Foursome

6. Which legendary Bears player was known as "Sweetness"?

Dick Butkus

Gale Sayers

Walter Payton

Mike Singletary

7. Who was the head coach of the Chicago Bears when they won their only Super Bowl in 1985?

Mike Ditka

Buddy Ryan

George Halas

Lovie Smith

8. What is the team's official mascot?

Staley Da Bear

Benny the Bull

Tommy Hawk

Clark the Cub

Are you a die-hard Chicago Bears fan or just a casual observer who only knows about the team because of their iconic logo? Take our Chicago Bears quiz to find out!