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Find your immediate needs

1. Imagine you walk to a house and open the door, you will see



Electrical appliances


Decorative painting

2. Which door will you push open?

The luxurious door

Ancient gate

Designed door

3. On the bus, if the person next to you falls asleep and rests his head on your shoulder, you will

Sit with patience

Wake him up

Leave position

Will not feel unhappy and ignore it

5. If you had a lot of money you would

Buy some favorite items

Save for emergencies

Resign and take a break

6. You are lost in a strange place, what do you think you will see?

The kind grandfather

Children playing at the doorstep

Businessmen doing business

7. You are visiting a friend’s house and drinking tea in the living room. And there are people outside playing around. What might be the weather at this time?

The sun is shining

The strong wind is blowing

It’s raining heavily

It’s snowing heavily

8. If you could be an animal, what would you wish you were?

Don't feel anxious anymore! Our near-term needs questions and answers will guide you to find the best living situation for you in the near future. If you finally find your most comfortable place in life, don’t blame us!