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Personality test:What Food Flavor Are You?

1. In social situations, you tend to

Keep your distance, but be able to communicate with people if necessary.

Express your true feelings and dislike hiding your true self from others.

Be good at creating a lively atmosphere and attracting attention of others.

Be flexible and change your social way according to different situations.

2. What is your attitude towards love?

Willing to expand your social circle but not easily express your love.

Dedicating yourself wholeheartedly and willing to make sacrifices for your loved one.

Hoping to give him/her a brand new experience and being good at creating a romantic atmosphere.

Depending on the situation, sometimes being sweet and sometimes independent.

3. What do you think you need most in a romantic relationship?

Long-time companionship.

Understanding of your thoughts.

Absolute support.

A relaxed atmosphere.

4. When interacting with others, what do you pay more attention to?

Protect your own private boundaries and not get too involved in other people's affairs.

Wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to him/her and treat sincerely.

Attract others' interest and laughter.

Keep an appropriate distance from others, participate deeply but never cross lines.

5. While walking on the street, you see a rainbow in the sky. Your first reaction is:

Not paying much attention.

Making a wish first before doing anything else.

Taking a photo and posting it on your social media accounts.

Only sharing it with close friends and family.

6. Which of the following would you prefer your friends to see you as?

Reliable and trustworthy.

Amazing and interesting.

Genuine and happy.

Brave and independent.

7. Do you consider it embarrassing to be publicly accused by someone with authority?


You would feel aggrieved and angry.

Not sure, your mind goes blank.

No, you have an open mindset and don't care about such thing.

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