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Personality Quiz: Which Fortnite Skin Am I? Free Quiz

1. You are playing Battle Royal Squad mode and are flying over the map in the bus, you will

Give a friendly beep as they pass you

Leap out because I have no fear

Just wait a bit longer, there's no rush

Stay in the Battle Bus as I have important essays to mark

2. You go out to buy a new jumper, which colour code do you favour?

Red and royal blue

Black and orange

Yellow and green

Different shades of brown, mostly

Dark colours and red

3. What is your favourite holiday of the year?

The first day of spring. Not too cold, not too hot!





5. Which type of music are you most likely to listen to?

Heavy metal

Dance music




6. You are playing Fortnite and your teammate comes under attack, you will

Do everything you can to help your teammate

Get into a flap

Leap into action

Distract your enemies with some mayhem!

7. Which pet would you like to keep?

A parrot might be a fun companion

A monkey would be cool

Anything but a chimpanzee. Let's go with a cat!

Definitely anything but a snake – maybe a nice dog

An old dog with a kind face

8. What would you most like to eat?

A nice hot bowl of soup from a service station

I have no time to eat on the battlefield, but might have some crisps

A slice of cake

Vegetable fingers and some baked beans

I'd love a burger right now, actually

9. Which item of clothing do you prefer to wear?

Something shiny and made of metal

A tracksuit

A suit and bow-tie

A nice hat

A lovely cape

10. You’re trapped on a desert island, what one item would you take with you?

Whether you're a fierce warrior, a sneaky trickster, or a stylish trendsetter, this Fortnite Skin test will reveal the skin that embodies your unique traits and playstyle.