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New Year personality quiz:What Fortune Awaits You in New Year?


What is your biggest goal for new year?

Achieving financial stability

Focusing on personal growth and self-care

Building stronger relationships with loved ones

Advancing your career or education


How do you plan to celebrate New Year's Eve?

Hosting a party with friends and family

Going out to a fancy restaurant or club

Having a cozy night in with loved ones

Watching the fireworks from a scenic location


Which word best describes your current state of mind?






What is one thing you want to learn or improve upon in new year?

A new skill or hobby

A language or musical instrument

Your physical or mental health

Your professional or academic skills


If your fortune was a magical potion, which recipe would it contain?

Elixir of Abundance

Potion of Transformation

Love Tonic

Adventure Elixir


What is your favorite thing about the New Year?

The opportunity for a fresh start

Setting new goals and intentions

Spending time with loved ones

The excitement of the unknown


What is your preferred way of celebrating achievements?

Throwing a big party

Reflecting and expressing gratitude privately

Sharing the joy with loved ones

Donating to a charity


If your fortune was revealed through a tarot card reading, which card would you draw?

If your fortune was revealed through a tarot card reading, which card would you draw?

The Sun

The Tower

The Lovers

The Magician


How do you usually set goals for yourself?

Ambitious and specific goals with clear deadlines

Broad intentions and go with the flow

Realistic goals and break them down into smaller steps

Goals that align with your values and passions