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What High School Stereotype Are You?High School Stereotype quiz

1. Who will you choose to sit next to on the first day of class?

Lily - She's organized and focused, writing in her planner with headphones on.

Sarah - She's busy on her phone, with a smile on her face and colorful stickers on her laptop.

Max - She's effortlessly sketching an impressive artwork on the table.

Alex - He's attractive and talking to a girl nearby, catching your attention.

Harper - She's socializing with the girls around her, excitedly showing off her new cowgirl boot earrings.

2. Choose a go-to outfit for a casual day at school

Jeans and a band t-shirt

A collared shirt and khaki skirt

Leggings and an oversized hoodie

Trendy sneakers, ripped jeans, and a graphic tee

A flowy dress

3. What item is a must-have in your backpack?


A book

Branded water bottle

A snack

Buttons to decorate my backpack

4. What type of student are you?

All A’s

A’s and B’s

Just B’s

B’s and C’s

Just C’s

C’s and D’s

D’s and F’s

5. Your car broke down so you have to take the bus. What’s your honest reaction?

I don't mind taking public transportation.

I'll find a friend who can give me a ride instead.

No way I’m getting on a bus, like ever.

6. Choose a favorite ice cream flavor



Mint chocolate chip


Cookies and cream

7. Select your preferred vacation destination

Beach resort

Mountain cabin

Historical city

European cultural tour

Urban city exploration

8. Pick a phone case

Black checkered

A plain cream color

Sage green

A namebrand

Hot pink

9. Decide on a movie genre to watch






Do you love hanging out in the library or are you the life of the party? Let our High School Stereotype test reveal your true high school identity!