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Personality Test: How do You Know What Your Angel Number is? Quiz

1. When do you see numeral patterns in your life?

When I feel hopeless

When I'm about to make important decisions

When I'm about to start a new journey

When my life turns into a mess or is incredibly peaceful

When I seek guidance

When I'm confused about my decisions

When I feel tired and disappointed

When I'm facing financial problems

When I help others and feel good about myself

I don't see patterns (or none of the above)

2. How do you feel when a particular number shows up in different aspects of your life?

It's exciting.

It makes me feel confident about my path.

I become curious to know the meaning.

It makes me feel safe and protected.

It makes me feel spiritual.

I feel confused and anxious.

I feel like I'm doing something wrong

I feel lucky

I feel calm and peaceful

None of the above (or I don't feel anything specific)

3. Have you been praying lately? If yes, what did you pray for?

Yes, I've been praying for a better life

Yes, I've been asking for guidance

Yes, I've been asking for less chaos in my life

Yes, I've been praying for hope and courage

Yes, I've been thanking God

Yes, I've been praying for another chance

Yes, I've been asking for forgiveness

Yes, I've been praying for my health

Yes, I've been praying for others

None of the above (or I don't pray)

4. Which one sounds like one of the main struggles of your life?



Mental health



Physical health

Past mistakes

Financial problems

I feel blessed and have no struggles in life

All of the above

5. Where do you often see patterns of numbers?

Tickets or dollar bills

Books, newspapers, or magazines

I see them in timestamps and clocks

Road signs, plates, etc

I see numbers in my visions while meditating

When I'm using my phone

I see them on the internet or while using my laptop

In my dreams

I see them everywhere

I don't see them anywhere

6. Which one sounds like one of your goals in life?

Having a successful career

Being a righteous person

Living a peaceful life

Making my loved ones proud of me

Discovering my true self

Matching the flow of life

Distinguishing right and wrong in my life

Living the moment and enjoying my life

Helping others thrive

None of the above (or I have no particular purpose)

7. Choose an option that you think would make you a better person



Letting go of anger

Practicing forgiveness

Being yourself

Educating yourself

Being open to other perceptions in life

Being respectful and kind

Helping others

None of the above (or other)

8. Why do you think the universe might communicate with you through numeral signs?

Because I'm doing something wrong

Because I asked for it

Because my life is out of control

Because I'm on the right path

Because I am spiritually growing

Because I'm losing my faith

Because I need help

Because I'm being appreciated by the universe

I don't know

9. Which one describes your dreams better?

Traveling and visiting new places

Snakes or other venomous creatures

Cheating on a partner

I see people that I've lost

Flying or having superpowers

Being chased

I often fall from somewhere high and wake up

Teeth or hair falling out

Failing an exam

I don't remember my dreams (or none of the above)

10. How have you been feeling lately? Which one describes your mood better?





Peaceful or calm

Strange (unexplainable)


Lucky or unlucky


None of the above

11. Which one are you most grateful for?

My career

My friends

My life experiences

My peace of mind

My family

My relationship

My mistakes and the lessons they taught me

My health

My religion or beliefs

None of the above (other)

12. What stage is your life at? (In your own opinion)

Ready for a new beginning

Multiple adventures on the horizon

In the middle of an adventure

So many incomplete adventures left behind

Peacefully choosing my next adventure

The path is not clear, and it's confusing

I regret my current path and previous decisions

I appreciate my current path and love my decisions

I think my current journey is coming to an end

I don't know (or none of the above)

13. What could improve your life or make you feel happier?

Personal freedom


Peace of mind







None of the above

14. What is the most confusing aspect of your life?

Choosing a college major

Figuring out where to live

Deciding on a career

Deciding whether to have kids or not

Deciding whether to get married or not

Making a career change

Deciding who to date

Financial decisions

Spiritual decisions

None of the above

15. Which one sounds like something you've done, and you're proud of?

I got a new job

I helped out my family

I made a new good friend

I prayed for others

I forgave someone

I made a tough decision

I changed some of my old perceptions

I helped someone with a financial struggle

I helped someone with an emotional struggle

None of the above

16. How nervous are you about the future on a scale of 0 to 10? (10 means a lot)











17. Why do you want to know what your angel number is?

I'm anxious about my future

I want to ensure I'm doing the right thing

I don't know what I'm doing with my life

I feel like I need some spiritual guidance

I feel like it's going to make me feel better

I'm tired of searching for life's meaning

I'm just doing this for fun

I'm curious about angel numbers

I'm doing this because I trust in my guardian angels

I don't know

18. What would it be if you had to describe your life in one word?










None of the above

19. Fill in the blank. I genuinely believe that I deserve ___________ (You deserve all, but please choose one)

To prioritize my needs

To walk away from toxic people

To remain kind in a cruel world

To love and to be loved

To openly express my feelings

To have the opportunity to correct my mistakes

To live unapologetically

To be supported

To have faith even when all hope is lost

To take a step back and relax

You are currently 20 questions away from finding your spiritual patterns. The Angel Number test helps you overview the signs in your life to make an accurate assumption. You have to trust your intuition and answer the questions with your heart. That’s all.