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How Do You Know What Your Spirit Animal is? Quiz

1. What's your ideal climate?

 What's your ideal climate?






2. What's your eating style?

 What's your eating style?

Super picky

Fruits and veggies

Foodie with discerning taste

Whatever you put in front of me

Work hard, play hard, eat a lot

3. What's your ideal vacation?

 What's your ideal vacation?

Lounging by the pool



Anything with adrenalin

Strange,new places

4. What's your social style?

 What's your social style?

On my own

Just the two of us

Close-knit group

Wide circle of family and friends

So many I can't count

5. What's your love style?

 What's your love style?

What love life?

One soul mate

Soul mates, but you can have a few

Exploring my options

The more the merrier

6. What's your parenting style?

 What's your parenting style?

Tough love

Nurture, then they're on their own

It takes a village to raise a kid

You can't protect them enough

Keep 'em close to home, even when they're grown

7. What's your mode of transportation?

 What's your mode of transportation?

Race car

Monster truck


Magic bus

Speed boat

8. What's your ideal work environment?

 What's your ideal work environment?

Whatever pays the most

Working for someone I respect

Working alone

Working with a team

Do I have to work?

10. What's your sleeping style?

 What's your sleeping style?

I need my nine hours, don't wake me

I rarely see the sun

I see every sunrise

Give me a few hours and I'm raring to go

I relish my daily naps

11. How do you deal with conflict?

 How do you deal with conflict?

I avoid it at all costs

With compromise, we can work it out

With my buddies by my side, I can handle anything

I don't like it, but if you mess with me, I won't back down

Where's the fight?

Join the fun and find out which creature embodies your true nature in our spirit animal test!