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Halloween Costume quiz: Which Look Suits You?


What color do you prefer for Halloween?

Red and black

Dark and mysterious color, like deep purple and blue

Classic black and white

Vibrant and colorful


What do you like to match your outfits?

Wearing a cape or a hat

Decorated with unique jewelry and intricate designs

Wearing a scary mask or face paint

Wearing wings or devil horns


What kind of vibe do you prefer for your Halloween costume?

Confident and bold

Dark and mysterious

Classic and timeless

Playful and fun


What kind of fictional character do you find most fascinating?

A bluffing pirate

A gentle and elegant vampire

A powerful wizard

A dark and haunting skeleton


How do you like to make an entrance at a Halloween party?

With a confident stride and a cape floating behind

Mysteriously slipping in the party first, then becoming the center of attention after your presence

Arriving in a cloud of smoke and performing a magic trick

Dancing and mingling, spreading joy and laughter


What kind of movies or books do you enjoy the most?

Adventurous films set in exotic locations

Dark and brooding vampire tales

Fantasy novels filled with magical creatures and realms

Horror movies that make you scream and laugh at the same time


How would you describe your personality in one word?






What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Candy apples

Red velvet cupcakes with a splash of fake blood

Magic-themed cookies or cupcakes

Gummy worms or other creepy crawly-candies


Which Halloween activity do you enjoy the most?

Dressing up in sophisticated costumes to attend parties

Roaming through haunted houses or ghost tours

Performing magic tricks and illusions for friends

Trick-or-treating and collecting as much candy as possible