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Personality test:What Kind of Coffee Are You?


The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is

Immediately drink a cup of coffee to wake yourself up.

Enjoy some leisure time slowly in your warm bed.

Stretch and exercise for a few minutes.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast.


You tend to lean towards

Order and routine.

Freedom and flexibility.

Balancing both.

I'm not sure.


When you feel stressed and anxious, you prefer to

Exercise to relieve stress.

Talk to friends or family.

Meditate or rethink alone.

Play games to relax.


What do you value more when working or studying

Perfection and details.

Completing tasks and goals.

The duration of completion.

Whether it will be appreciated.


When dealing with conflict, you usually

Seek compromise and solutions.

Firmly defend your position.

Avoid conflict.

I'm not sure.


Do you prefer having a planned and organized trip, or deciding the itinerary and destination flexibly?

It must have a complete plan.

It can follow a plan or change it at any time.

It can be flexible and free.

I'm not sure.


When faced with unfairness or injustice, your reaction is

Anger and dissatisfaction.

Looking for solutions.

Accepting reality.

I'm not sure.