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What Kind of Halloween Candy Are You?Halloween quiz

1. How do you feel about scares and surprises?

Love them! The bigger, the better.

Enjoy them in moderation.

They can be fun, but I prefer a more subtle approach.

Not a fan. I'd rather avoid them altogether.

2. What is your go-to Halloween costume?

Classic witch or wizard

Superhero or villain

Vampire or werewolf

Funny or hilarious costume

3. When it comes to Halloween festivities, what is your favorite activity?

Trick-or-treating and collecting lots of candy

Carving pumpkins and decorating for the occasion

Dressing up in costumes and attending costume parties

Watching scary movies and indulging in spooky stories

4. What is your preferred color palette?

Bright and vibrant colors

Earthy and autumn-inspired tones

Assortment of bold and contrasting colors

Deep and dark hues

5. Which Halloween tradition resonates with you the most?

Going on haunted hayrides or visiting haunted houses

Creating elaborate costumes or makeup looks

Organizing Halloween-themed parties or events

Telling ghost stories around a campfire or a dimly lit room

6. What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Candy corn

Chocolate-covered caramel apples

Sour gummy worms

Black licorice

7. How do you typically express your Halloween spirit?

Dressing up in a costume from head to toe

Creating imaginative and detailed house decorations

Hosting or attending Halloween parties or gatherings

Enjoying the scary ambiance and atmosphere of the holiday

Trick or treat, smell my feet, take this Halloween Candy quiz and find out what candy you'll eat!