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Discover Your Soul Instrument with This Musical Instrument Test

1. Which of the following scenarios makes you feel the safest?

Playing with a smartphone under a blanket cover at night

Strolling through a park by myself, taking in the scenery

Relaxing on a beach with buddies

Walking along a busy street with headphones on

Playing with a big crowd of people

2. Do you like a song that is slow and tender or one that is fast with a beat?

Fast with a beat

Like them all

Slow and tender

No preference

3. Have you tried dancing?

I dance a lot. It's a way to express myself.

I used to dance when I was younger, not so much now.

Never tried and never will.

I'm not really good at dancing, but I do like watching others dance.

4. Which of the following video game gaming styles best suits you?

Playing solo

I’m fine with solo mode and multi-player

Multi-player only

5. When an electronic device breaks down, how does it make you feel?

Extremely annoyed - just think about the money needed to fix or replace it!

Not happy about it.

Calm - nothing can spoil my serenity

6. At KTV, what type of song do you usually pick to sing along to?

Happy songs to warm up the room

Hot songs of the moment

Classic songs about long-lost love

Whatever song I'm good at

7. Do you like to share your abilities on social media?(Such as cooking, crafting, etc.)

Absolutely! It is perfectly normal to share joyful moments of your life.

Occasionally. It depends on how I feel.

Never! Just live your life. No need to share it.

Come and take this musical instrument test! With a few simple questions you can discover instruments similar to yours! Hope you find a satisfactory answer.