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What LOL Skin Will You Get?LOL Skin quiz

1. If a friend invited you to an event, which would you go to?

A science and technology exhibition where you can learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies.

A world cultural relics exhibition where you can experience different cultures.

A lecture on the history of weapons development that can help you understand the changes in weapons around the world.

Masquerade with a mysterious world theme.

2. What style of costume do you prefer to wear on Halloween?

Futuristic cyberpunk style.

Classic magician costume.

Characters that often appear in myths and legends.

A villain who looks kind and sweet on the outside.

3. Do you believe in the existence of those legendary creatures,such as vampires and goat-headed men?

I don’t believe these. These are all stories people tell to scare themselves.

Since these creatures exist in myths and legends, I think they might have really existed.

There are still many things unknown to humans in this world. It is not surprising that these creatures exist.

4. In daily life, what kind of dressing style do you prefer?

I like casual and comfortable clothing.

I like vintage clothes very much. Clothes from the past always have a unique aroma.

I keep up with trends and I will definitely try the most popular outfits.

I don’t like any specific style. Clothing should change according to mood and environment.

If you think you know everything about LOL skins, take our LOL Skin quiz and prove it. Just don't blame us if you end up with a skin that's too funny to handle.