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Forget About Horoscopes, It's Time to Find out What Scent Truly Defines You!

1. How do you like to express your creativity?

Painting or drawing

Writing or poetry

Dancing or singing

Designing or crafting

2. How do you recharge your energy?

Meditating or practicing yoga

Spending time in nature

Socializing with friends

Engaging in a new hobby

3. What is your dream travel destination?

Paris, France

Marrakech, Morocco

Tokyo, Japan

New York City, USA

Other place

4. What would you do at dinner when you see that one person can't reach the dish they want to eat?

I would remind the people around me to change the dish to another location.

I would ask the person to change their seat.

I would pick up the dish so that the person could try to reach the dish he/she wanted to eat.

I would pretend I didn't see it and he/she would figure it out on their own.

5. Which club would you prefer to join in college?


Stage play club

Literature Appreciation Club

Cooking Club

Sports club

I don't want to join anything

6. Which environment do you feel more connected to?

The big forest

A beach

The ocean

A busy city

Large meadows

Classical castles

My own room

7. How often do you have mood swings over a movie, a commercial, or the news?

I basically don't get affected by these things.

Sometimes I get angry or tearful.

I can't control the ups and downs of my emotions over these things.

It depends on the situation.

8. Which of the following date venues would you choose?

Sharing a candlelight dinner in a private dining room

Enjoying outdoors nature together

Feeling the warmth of each other at home

Strolling through the city streets together

9. What is your favorite dessert?

Crème brûlée

Chocolate cake

Fruit sorbet

Spiced apple pie

I don't like dessert.

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