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Domme Style Test: What is Your Domme Style


How do you prefer to assert your dominance in a BDSM relationship?

Through verbal commands and strict instructions

Using physical restraints and bondage to restrict your sub

Utilizing psychological manipulation and mind games

Setting rules and protocols for your submissive to follow


How comfortable are you with inflicting pain on submissives?

Very comfortable, as pain is a key element of my dominance

Somewhat comfortable, depending on the submissive's limits

Not comfortable, as I focus more on psychological domination

It depends on the specific situation and the limits involved


How do you communicate your expectations and desires to your submissive?

Through clear and explicit verbal instructions

Utilizing body language and non-verbal cues

Employing psychological manipulation and subtle hints

Through open discussions and negotiation


How important is aftercare in your BDSM dynamics?

Aftercare is crucial to ensure the well-being of both partners

I may provide some aftercare, but it's not a top priority

Aftercare is unnecessary or not a focus for me

I haven't given much thought to aftercare in my domme style


What form of punishment do you find most satisfying as a domme?

Stern verbal reprimands or humiliation

Physical discipline like spanking or flogging

Psychological punishments, such as denial or mind games

I prefer to avoid punishment in my BDSM dynamics


How do you handle a submissive who misbehaves?

Immediate punishment without exception

Ignoring them as a form of punishment

Offering a chance for redemption and growth

Engaging in teasing and denial to correct behavior


What is your opinion on financial domination (findom)?

It is an integral part of my domination style

It can be an occasional indulgence, but not central to my style

I have no interest in financial domination

I'd consider it if it appeals to my submissive partner


How do you handle submissives who require gentle or soft domination?

Adapt and provide the desired softer form of domination

Push their boundaries and challenge their preferences

Refuse to engage in softer domination, as it goes against your style

Modify your style to gradually introduce them to your preferred domination style


How do you feel about giving tasks or assignments to your submissives?

I love assigning tasks and seeing them fulfill them

Tasks are good, but they should also push their limits

I prefer more immediate control rather than long-term assignments

I'm not a big fan of assigning tasks to my submissives


How much control and decision-making power do you like having over your submissives' lives?

I like to have complete control over every aspect of their lives

Some control is necessary, but they should still have some autonomy

I prefer controlling specific areas, such as finances or wardrobe

I'm not too concerned with controlling their lives outside of play sessions