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Your Inner Monster- Are You A Monster Inside?

1. When your friend says something that makes you unhappy, what will you do?

Directly say it out to let him know as soon as possible.

Tell him some time later.

2. When you plan to prank your friend on his birthday, how will you do it?

Search for successful methods online.

Plan it based on my own feelings.

3. When you go home and find that the clerk undercharged you $10, although you feel a little conscience-stricken, you will think...

It feels like I've earned something, which is kind of cool.

It's not my fault to take it. Because it's the clerk's problem.

4. After being reminded, you suddenly remember that today is your friend's birthday. How will you pretend to remember?

Quickly find a group of mutual friends to hold a birthday party.

Wish him a happy birthday.

5. Today, I secretly ate the snacks in the company or dormitory's refrigerator because...

I feel like I would like to eat it.

I want to know how it tastes.

6. When going out at night with friends and seeing a friend scared, you will...

Immediately record it and cherish it forever.

Burst out laughters.

7. You are already a little full, but you want to eat the delicious snacks alone. What will you do?

See how much I can eat, and finish it quickly so that others can't eat it.

Distract your friend's attention and continue eating after digesting a little.

8. There was once a friend who annoyed you. Years later, what will you remember?

The detailed of this matter.

Roughly remember that this happened.

9. When you encounter a hottie, what point will you use to attract him?

Your emotional charm.

Your material advantages.

10. If a friend pranked you, how would you plan to prank him back?

Plan the prank step by step and execute it according to the plan.

Various methods come to mind, and then decide which one to use based on the situation.

11. When the supervisor or teacher accidentally mispronounces a word during the meeting, what will you react?

Start thinking about what the correct pronunciation is.

Laugh silently in my heart.

12. You slept in a new pajama with the tag still attached for a night, and later wanted to return it. What will you do?