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What's Your Perfect Pet?pet quiz

1. How active are you?

Highly active

Moderately active

Prefer a more relaxed lifestyle

2. How much time can you spend on taking care of pets?

I have enough time for my pet.

I have limited time.

3. Do you have any allergies to animal fur?

No allergies

Manageable mild allergies

Severe allergies

4. What's your living space like?

Large house with yard

Apartment or smaller living space

Limited space, like a dorm

5. How much interaction do you want from your pet?

I want a pet that is always with me.

I like some interaction but also value independence.

I prefer a low-interaction pet.

6. Are you ready for a long-term pet commitment?

Ready for life-long commitment

Open to long-term commitment with flexibility

Seeking shorter-term or low-maintenance pet

7. What's your preference for pet size?

Prefer larger pets

Open to pets of any size

Prefer smaller pets

8. What's your training preference?

Do professional training

Do appropriate training

No training

9. What's your pet care budget?

Generous budget

Moderate budget

Limited budget

10. Do you have cleanliness requirements for pets?

Are you considering getting a pet, but not sure which type would be the best fit for you? This fun pet test will help you discover your ideal furry or feathery companion.