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What U.S. State Should I Move To?QUIZ

1. Which season do you like most





2. How do you like rainy days?

I run on solar power. Rainy days? No, thank you.

I love a little drizzle every now and then! But..just a drizzle.

I wouldn't mind if it rained most days.

Love rainy days! Who needs sunshine when you have puddles and rain boots?

3. How do you get your news?

I don't care about current events

Facebook or Twitter

A news app

TV or Radio

Word of mouth

4. Some people start dreading birthdays after a certain age because birthdays remind them that they're getting old. What do you think?

We should embrace every birthday! That's definitely NOT something l worry about.

That's understandable but I personally don't mind.

That's exactly how I feel. Can we change the subject?

5. Try to recall a city you've lived in the past...What's a place in that city that pops up first in your mind?

Nothing in particular.

The airport or train station.

The bars, cafes or restaurants.

None of the above but some place else.

I never left my current city.

6. If your boyfriend/girlfriend was startled by a server dropping a glass of water on the floor during your date, what would you do?

Immediately stand up and express my anger to the server.

Make sure my date is ok and calm him/her down.

Do nothing as if nothing had happened.

7. Close your eyes and try to recall the last time you went to the beach... What is popping up in your mind?

I've never been to a beach. Nor am l interested.

I've never been to a beach but I want to visit one some day.

Very good memories. In fact, I think I'm going to go there again during my next vacation.

I could stay there forever! Can't wait to go to the beach again.

8. Which of these is on your life bucket list? (lf more than one of these is on your list, choose the one MOST important to you)

Take our personality quiz to discover which U.S. state matches your vibe. Warning: no take-backsies once you've moved!