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What Kind of Pet Girl Are You? - Personality Quiz

1. If you could correct one shortcoming in yourself, what would you choose?

Not good at communicating and shy

Procrastination and laziness

Too straightforward and outspoken

Doesn't know how to say no.

2. Use one word to describe your ideal partner, what would you choose?





3. If you were a director and needed to choose one of the following scenes as the first act of your movie, what would you choose?

Early morning kitchen

Alley after rain

Hospital at midnight

Beach under scorching sun

4. There are four buttons in front of you, and each button does two things. Which button would you choose to press?

Get $10 million in cash, and all teachers and students in a school somewhere in the world die.

Become an authority in a certain field and reduce your life span by 10 years.

Being with the one you love and losing the ability to cry.

Intelligence and memory are greatly improved; no longer able to engage in physical activities.

5. The witch wants to make a bet with you, so what will you choose?

50% chance of getting 1 million in cash

75% chance of getting 200,000 cash

10% chance of getting 10 million in cash

No bets, get 100,000 cash directly

6. You must throw away one of the following four packages, which one will you choose?





7. If you were asked to buy a ring for yourself, which of the following combinations would you prefer?

Golden ring + gemstone

Platinum ring + diamond

Colored gold ring + diamond

Sterling silver ring + gemstone

8. If you had to name this picture, what would you choose?

If you had to name this picture, what would you choose?