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Death Test:When Will You Die?

1. How would you describe the shape of your figure?





Over Weight

2. Do you suffer from any kind of chronic disease?


Yes, such as chronic pharyngitis, chronic rhintis, chronic gastritis, diabete, high blood pressure, asthma and so on.

Maybe ( possibile hereditary)

Maybe not ( my family has no known hereditary diseases)

3. What type of food do you normally eat?

Spicy and greasy

Sweet and sour


Mild favor

4. Which of the following best describes your occupation?

My work is mostly physical

My work is mostly mental

I am a student

5. How do you usually get to school/work?

By bike or on foot

By car

By bus

I work at home

6. How often do you play sports?


2 to 3 times a week

Few times a month


7. How often do you smoke?

I don’t smoke

Only occasionally

Few times a week

Every day

8. How often do you drink alcohol?

I don’t drink alcohol

I drink alcohol occasionally

Few times a week

Every day

10. What is your outlook on life?

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