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Personality Test: Which the Addams Family Character Are You? Quiz

1. What kind of music do you usually listen to?

Classical music

Classical music before 1980s

Popular music from 1990s to now

Electronic Music

New songs from this year's top popular music list

2. What would you do if you were misunderstood and criticized by your teacher/boss for a long period of time?

Argue right away with tears

Don't say anything and cry silently

Prove your innocence to others privately

Don't care, because you know it's not your fault

3. When do your throw away your shoes?

When it's broken

When it's uncomfortable

When it gets a stain that can't be cleaned

Out of fashion and doesn't look good

4. How many hours do you spend studying or working each day?

Less than 6 hours

6 to 12 hours

More than 12 hours

5. How often do you clean the house?

Every day

Once a week

only clean when absolutely necessary

6. What do you usually do after dinner?

Lie around playing with my smartphone

Read a book

Go for a walk

7. You are in a busy area. Suddenly, a strange girl asks to borrow your phone looking very anxious. What will you do?

Everyone goes through hard times I should lend my phone to her

I'll lend my phone only if she is pretty. Maybe something romantic will happen

I should ask why she needs to borrow my phone, and then make the phone call for her

What would I do if she's trying to rob me? It would be safer if l don't lend my phone to her

This Addams family test will challenge your knowledge and personality traits to determine which spooky and kooky member of the Addams family you truly embody. So, grab your cape and let's get started!