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Which animal would be your spirit guardian?spirit animal test

1. In your leisure time, do you prefer being alone or gathering with family and friends?

I prefer being alone doing things I enjoy.

I prefer being with family and friends.

Depends on the situation

2. In your everyday life, which situation do you prefer?

Being proactive and completing tasks as planned.

Having a loose plan but being content as things roughly go according to it, also embracing small surprises in life.

Always ready to embrace unexpected moments.

3. Can you easily detect changes in the emotions of your family and friends ?

I can quickly observe changes in others' emotions.

I need others to remind me in order to observe changes in others' emotions.

Most of time I can sense changes in others' emotions.

4. Would you prefer to be a follower or a leader in a team?



Depends on the situation

5. How would your friends and family most likely describe you?

A reliable person

A person who loves family

An intelligent person

You are always alone

6. If doom comes, do you think you would be able to survive on your own?

I am proficient in many survival skills, so I believe I can rely on myself to survive.

I am independent, but I hope I can go through all these with friends or family.

I don't think I can survive on my own.

7. Which color represents you more?





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