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Anime Music quiz:Which Anime Music Am I?

1. How would you describe your view of love?

Love is eternal.

Love is bittersweet.

Love is passionate.

Love is growing together.

2. What do you value most in life?






All of the above are so important that I can't choose from.

None of the above is important to me.

3. What emotions resonate with you the most?

Determination and passion

Happiness and sadness

Longing and escape

Bravery and fear

4. How do you cope with adversity?

Encourage yourself and stimulate your inner strength.

Seek help from friends and family, unity is strength.

Go with the flow, adjust yourself as things change.

You will try to avoid adversity, and you are more used to running away from it.

5. What do you believe in most?


The power of unity

The diversity of people

The inner strength of the heart

Courage and perseverance

Pursuit and desire for something

6. How do you view the journey of life?

Short and fleeting

Sad but memorable

Challenging and existential

A path of self-discovery

Warm and happy

7. What are your views on social pressures?

It makes my life a mess

Pressure is also a motivation

I have to live a life I don't want to live

It hides my true self

8. Do you think you're different from the norm?

I think I'm just an average person who doesn't shine.

I think there are some aspects of me that are really different from the norm, but that doesn't bother me.

I have things that make me different from the average person, and that torments me, and I'm constantly trying to pretend to fit in with the average person.

I am indeed a person with a world of my own, and I think it's normal, and I don't want to change things.

9. How do you see your true self?

In the face of real life, one must always hide a part of one's true self.

No matter what I have to face, I want to reveal my truest self.

I don't have an authentic self anymore, I just live for the sake of living.

I will hide myself well; if I show my truest self to the world, I believe I will have nothing.

10. Which of the following views do you support more regarding relationships and love?

Relationships and love are a two-way street and require commitment from both parties.

Relationships and love will always go away, seize the moment.

Relationships and love are not always smooth sailing, they are always bittersweet.

Don't put too much value on relationships and love.

11. What kind of connection do you think you have with the world?

The world is a canvas for my life and I will try to make that picture perfect.

The world is my prison from which I can't escape, it constantly binds me and represses me.

The world is a giant arena where everyone is struggling to survive.

The world is a veil over my life, and I hope that one day I can lift that veil and welcome the real life that is mine.

12. Are you afraid of the unknown?

I have always taken the initiative to explore the unknown.

I want to stay as I am forever, I don't want the unknown to disrupt my life.

The future is always an unknown thing, we just have to accept it.

Maybe I wouldn't be afraid of the unknown if I had someone else with me.

13. Do you believe in the saying "Unity can overcome all difficulties"?

Everyone has his own selfishness and there is no true unity.

It depends on the situation, there are times when unity is of paramount importance.

Of course, there is no difficulty that cannot be solved by unity.

I recognize the power of unity, but I prefer to face difficulties and challenges on my own.

14. How many people do you think would really grieve for you if you were no longer in this world?

No such people exist.

Only my parents.

My loved one.

Lots of people, my parents, friends, relatives, loved ones, etc.

My friends

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