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Personality Quiz: Which Apartment 404 Character Am I?

1. When watching a suspense mystery variety show, do you prefer to:

Solve the mystery yourself

Wait for the host to reveal the answer

Work with others to solve it

Just enjoy the show without trying to solve it

2. What kind of mystery interests you the most?

Solving crimes and mysteries

Exploring supernatural events

Unraveling historical enigmas

Investigating strange occurrences

3. Do you prefer to watch:

Real-life mystery shows

Fictional mystery shows



4. Which is more important to you in a suspense mystery variety show?

The suspenseful plot

The interesting characters

The challenging puzzles

The entertaining cast

5. What role do you play in a group?

The problem solver

The risk-taker

The idea generator

The observer

6. Where would you like a mystery to unfold?

Old, eerie mansion

Dark, mysterious forest

Abandoned asylum

Underground tunnels

7. How do you approach solving a mystery?

Analyze clues carefully

Trust your instincts

Experiment with different ideas

Let others take the lead