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Personality Test: Which Argylle Movie Character Am I Quiz

1. What is your favorite genre of movies?





2. How do you usually spend your free time?

Reading books or watching movies

Hanging out with friends or family

Exploring new places or trying new things

3. Do you get nervous easily?

Yes,I'm even nervous doing this quiz

I can never get nervous

It depends on situation

4. Can you manage to do money saving every month?

Yes. That is a habit of mine

Nope, why save the money for tomorrow when I can spend it today

I don't do it on purpose, but i do have some money put away every month

5. Do you particularly mind the politeness and tidiness?

Yes, I think that is basic

No, I don't mind these at all

It depends on situation

6. Do you have a lot of fantasies?

Yes, I feed on my fantasies

Why would I ever do that?

Only a few

7. Do you get along well with your colleagues?

No, we have completely different worlds

Yes, we are like a huge family

Despite my feelings, I will have to work them anyway

Get ready to answer some fun and exciting questions to discover which Argylle character matches your personality. Whether you're a fearless secret agent, a cunning villain, or a tech-savvy sidekick, this Argylle quiz will reveal your true Argylle identity.