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Which Avenger Are You? Avenger test

1. Which of the following superpowers would you choose if given the chance?

Super Strength


Super Intelligence


2. What is most important to you?

My friendships

My family

My own success

Doing what's right

3. In your opinion, what makes an effective superhero team?

Trust and friendship


Diversity in skills and powers

Working towards a common goal

5. How do you react to new challenges?

With excitement and enthusiasm

With careful planning and preparation

By trusting in my abilities

By seeking help and guidance

6. What motivates you to be a hero?

Protecting the ones I love

A sense of duty and justice

Overcoming past failures

The thrill of the adventure

7. How do you handle criticism?

By taking it to heart and working to improve

By accepting it gracefully and learning from it

By brushing it off and focusing on my goals

By deflecting it with humor or sarcasm

8. Choose one of the following colors.

Step into the shoes of your favorite Avenger with our interactive Avenger quiz: Which Avenger Are You? Uncover your unique superhero traits and join the ranks of the legendary Avengers team!