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Movie Quiz: Which Bad Boys 4 Movie Character Am I?

1. In a crisis, what's your go-to instinct?

Take charge and lead the way

Crack a joke to lighten the mood

Assess the situation and strategize

Use technology and gadgets to solve problems

Manipulate situations to your advantage

2. What's your preferred weapon in a high-stakes situation?

Classic handgun

Martial arts skills

Precision sniper rifle

Advanced technological gadget


3. How do you handle conflicts within a team?

Assertive and direct communication

Diffuse tension with humor

Provide tactical solutions

Mediate and find compromises

4. What's your ideal way to unwind after a long day of action?

Enjoying a thrilling car chase

Sharing a good laugh with friends

Analyzing data and planning for the next mission

Upgrading your tech gear

5. How do you approach moral dilemmas?

Follow your instincts and take decisive action

Consider the impact on others and seek a balanced solution

Evaluate the situation from all angles

Rely on logic and technological solutions

6. What's your preferred mode of transportation during a pursuit?

Fast and sleek sports car

Agile motorcycle

Foot chase


Off-road vehicle

7. How do you handle former relationships in the midst of a mission?

Focus on the task at hand and deal with personal matters later

Use humor to diffuse any tension

Maintain professionalism and focus on the mission

Exploit personal connections for your benefit

Address personal matters with empathy and understanding

Unleash your inner detective or villain by taking our Bad Boys 4 character quiz. It's all fun and games until someone turns out to be the bad guy!