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Movie Quiz: Which Ballerina Movie Character Am I?

1. In your free time, do you enjoy:


Watching movies/TV shows


Playing video games

2. In terms of clothing, do you prefer:





3. What would you like to prepare for dinner?

Spaghetti and meatballs

Grilled chicken and vegetables

Margherita pizza

Stir-fried noodles with tofu

4. What genre of book are you most interested in?

Mystery and crime novels

Historical fiction

Self-help and personal development

Fantasy and science fiction

5. You are at a party. Which activity would you prefer to engage in?

Dancing to upbeat music

Engaging in deep conversations

Playing party games

Relaxing and observing the surroundings

6. You are packing for a vacation. Which type of clothing would you prioritize?

Swimsuits and beachwear

Comfortable activewear for exploration

Elegant evening attire

Cozy and warm outfits for colder climates

7. When it comes to socializing, do you prefer:

Going to parties

Having a quiet night in

Spending time with a small group of friends

Attending social events or networking gatherings

8. Do you prefer:



Hot chocolate


9. You are at a grocery store. What do you need to buy?

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Ingredients for a homemade pizza

Snacks and desserts

Cleaning supplies and toiletries

Take the Ballerina Movie test and discover which ballerina movie character matches your personality - just don't go on a revenge mission afterwards!