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Which Blossoms Shanghai Character Are You Most Like?

1. What kind of party do you prefer?

Have a drink with a few friends

Large parties to meet new friends

Family gathering

Being at home alone and enjoying the quietness

Business gatherings

2. How do you usually spend your free time on weekends?

Visit a bookstore or cafe to enjoy the cultural atmosphere

Invite friends to do outdoor sports or travel together

Watch movies or play games at home

Learn new skills

Go shopping and enjoy the happiness brought by material things

3. What do you think about fashion?

Focus on comfort, not paying much attention to popular trends

Pursue fashion trends and like to try new styles

Prefer simple and elegant style

Like to show your personality

Dress up for the occasion

4. What do you think of food?

Picky eater, only like to eat the food I like

Like to try new flavors and dishes

I don't have much interest in food. I just want to fill my stomach.

Like to study cooking and enjoy the fun of cooking

Consider the nutrition of the food when dining out

5. What do you do when you encounter difficulties at work?

Calmly analyze and find solutions

Seek help and advice from colleagues or superiors

Work hard to overcome difficulties

Adjust your mentality before dealing with it.

Change your thinking and look for new possibilities

6. What do you think about friendship?

Friendship is the most precious thing in life

Friendship needs to be managed and maintained to last long.

Friends are like seasoning in life, optional but enriching.

Friendship is based on common interests and values

Friendship is a kind of responsibility and obligation, which requires dedication

7. Which leisure activity do you prefer?

Read a book or listen to music


Play games or cards with friends


Doing crafts or DIY