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Movie Quiz: Which Challengers Movie Character Am I?

1. On a weekend, would you rather:

Spend quality time with family or loved ones at home

Stay home and catch up on chores or projects

Explore new restaurants and try different cuisines

2. Do you enjoy:

Hiking and outdoor activities

Indoor activities like painting or crafting

Going to concerts or live events

3. You receive an unexpected gift. How do you react?

Express gratitude and joy.

Feel a bit awkward.

Immediately think of reciprocating.

4. You're feeling stressed. How do you unwind?

Exercise or go for a walk.

Watch TV or a movie.

Read a book or listen to music.

5. You're walking in the park and see a lost child. What do you do?

Keep walking.

Try to find the child's parents.

Call the police.

6. How do you prefer to exercise:




7. On a rainy day, would you rather:

Stay indoors and relax

Go for a walk in the rain

Watch movies and snuggle under a blanket

8. You're facing a challenge at work. How do you approach it?

Take our Challengers character test and uncover whether you're a Tashi, a Patrick, or an Art. Just remember, we're all beautifully complex people here!