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LOL Champion quiz:Which Champion Am I in LOL?


When facing difficulties, how do you prefer to handle them?

Actively embrace and tackle the challenges.

I seek advice and help from friends and family.

I observe first and then deal with difficulties based on the actual situation.


What is your view on fantasy elements like magic and souls?

These concepts are appealing, but I consider them unrealistic.

I have always been fascinated by these concepts and would love to have those abilities.

I believe these concepts might actually exist in real life, just not directly discovered.


When entering an empty room, where do you prefer to stand?

In a corner of the room.

In the middle of the room.

I would walk around and explore the room.


How do you feel about "betrayal"?

No matter the reasons, the nature of betrayal remains unchanged.

I believe that betraying someone in a situation where you have no control can still be forgiven.

Although I dislike betrayal, I tend to be forgiving towards others.


In movies, what type of characters do you prefer?

I like kind and courageous protagonists.

I enjoy complex antagonists with cunning strategies.

I am fascinated by morally ambiguous characters; their conflicting traits captivate me.


You are camping with friends when you hear dangerous sounds nearby at midnight. How would you react?

I would actively search the surroundings to be prepared for any potential danger.

I would stay close to the campsite, constantly monitoring the surroundings to protect my companions.

I would be frightened, but I would stay inside the tent, trying not to cause trouble for others.


How do you react when you are misunderstood?

Facts won't change, and I don't care about others' opinions.

I may feel upset for a period of time, but I cannot alter everyone's viewpoint.As time passes, people will eventually forget about it.

I will do my best to explain and uncover the truth. I don't want others to have the wrong impression of me.


When your best friend needs to leave due to unavoidable circumstances, and you may never see each other again, how do you feel?

With advanced technology nowadays, I believe online communication is enough to maintain our friendship.

Even now, distance continues to create a difficult divide in our relationship, and I worry about losing this friend.

Even if we are apart, and even if we don't communicate in the future, we will always be best friends.


Are you attentive to small changes in people around you, like changing accessories or tastes?

Yes, I am always quick to notice these changes.

I occasionally observe these changes, but more often people directly tell me.

I don't think these small changes are significant, so I do not pay too much attention to them.