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All the Light We Cannot See Quiz: Which Character Am I?

1. How do you feel about change?

I embrace it

I am cautious of it

I am excited by it

I am uncomfortable with it

2. What do you value most in life?

Knowledge and wisdom

Beauty and creativity

Love and relationships

Freedom and independence

3. How do you feel about authority figures?

I respect them

I challenge them

I avoid them

I am indifferent to them

4. What is your ideal way to spend a day off?

Reading a book

Visiting an art exhibit

Attending a concert

Exploring nature

5. How do you feel about adventure?

I seek it out

I am cautious of it

I am excited by it

I am indifferent to it

6. How do you prefer to learn new things?

Reading and research

Hands-on experience

Discussion and collaboration

Asking older people for their opinion

7. With only one bottle of water in the desert, how would you distribute it?

Everyone shares it equally.

I'd keep it for myself.

The person in the most critical situation drinks first, so that the others can continue to hold on.

Leave the water for the others, I am not important.

8. To whom would you rather show loyalty and reverence?



Authority figures


9. Which of the following traits do you appreciate more?






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