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Aquaman Test: Which Character Are You? Quiz

1. What would you do after a 40 hours of train ride and finally arrived home?

Take a long shower

Eat something delicious

Sleep like a log

Unpack my stuff and organize them

2. What do you usually do when you and your friend are giving each other the silent treatment?

I always break the ice first

I will never be the first one to talk

I normally seek another friend's help

Pretend nothing is happening

3. How do you usually plan your family trips?

I will just book with a travel agency

I will do some research on the Internet and figure out the itinerary

I will have everyday arranged and make a specific travel plan

I don't make plans

4. Which of the following things would you bring with you to visit your parents?

Fruits and milk

Health care products

Decorative art

Raw materials for cooking

5. Imagine one day you grew a pair of wings. You would

fly to a wide open space in pursuit of freedom

fly to a place with beautiful scenery and enjoy it from a bird's eye view

fly beyond Earth to explore space

take your loved ones flying with you

6. You walk up to a pond. The first thing that catches your eye is:

The plants in the water (ex.lotus flower)

The animals in the water (ex. ducks)

Structures built over the water (ex. a bridge)

The water itself

7. It's raining cats and dogs outside. You have four umbrellas to choose from.Which would you choose?

An umbrella with one large hole in it

An umbrella with many small holes in it

An umbrella with its handle bent out of shape

An umbrella with its handle broken in the middle

This Aquaman quiz will take you on a journey through the underwater world of Aquaman, where you'll find out if you're a fierce warrior like Aquaman himself or a loyal friend like Vulko.