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Personality test: Which Character Am I in Super Mario Bros: Wonder?

1. What is your preferred mode of transportation?

Running and jumping like Mario

Flying like Princess Peach

Swimming like Luigi

Rolling like Yoshi

2. What is your favorite hobby?

Saving the day and defeating Bowser

Hosting parties and events

Exploring haunted mansions

Eating everything in sight

3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Super speed



Transforming into different forms

5. How do you handle challenges?

Face them head-on with determination

Use your wit and charm to find a solution

Analyze the situation and strategize accordingly

Approach them with a laid-back and carefree attitude

6. What is your favorite weapon or power-up?


Hearts to heal and protect

Poltergust 3000 vacuum

Egg lay and throwing abilities

7. Which Mario character do you relate to the most?

Mario - the classic hero who never gives up

Princess Peach - the regal and kind-hearted ruler

Luigi - the timid yet reliable sidekick

Yoshi - the adorable and loyal companion

8. What is your ideal vacation destination in the Mushroom Kingdom?

Mushroom Kingdom Castle

Peach's Castle

Luigi's Mansion

Yoshi's Island

9. How do you interact with other characters?

I take charge and lead the way

I offer support and help whenever needed

I prefer working alone, but I can cooperate if necessary

I'm always up for some friendly competition

10. If you could choose one Mario game to play right now, which would it be?

Are you more like the courageous and determined Mario, always ready to save the day? Or do you embody the mischievous and cunning traits of Luigi? Let this Mario personality quiz be your guide!