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Which Winnie The Pooh Character Are You?

1. Are you often late for appointments with your friends?



I don’t go out with friends very often

2. What happens when you make a decision?

Ask others for their opinions

Rely on facts and logic

Rely on intuition

3. Do you often make new friends?



4. The weather is very hot. Which way would you prefer to make yourself feel cooler?

Go swimming

Drink cold drinks

Turn on the air conditioner

5. If you could build a house, where would you like to build it in?





City center

6. What would you do if someone you just met said something complimentary to you?

Feeling embarrassed

Feeling happy

Observing the other party carefully

7. When you meet people you know, you will?

Nod and say hello

Greet warmly

Pretend not to see

8. How will you feel or act when asked personal questions?

Feel unhappy and angry

Refuse to answer calmly

Feel nothing and answer

Feel nothing but refuse to answer

10. Do you often give gifts to your friends?

Don't hesitate any longer! Our Winnie the Pooh quiz questions will help you find out who you are in Winnie the Pooh. If you end up finding your favorite cartoon character, don't blame us!