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Disney Movies Quiz: Which Character Are You in Wish Quiz

1. In which of the following scenarios do you feel the most secure?

Playing with a smartphone under a blanket cover at night

Strolling around a park alone, enjoying the scenery

Hanging out on a beach with friends

Walking down a busy street while wearing headphones

Partying in a large group of individuals

2. What kind of music do you usually listen to?

Natural sounds

Classical music before 1980s

Popular music from the 1990s to the present

Electronic Music

New songs from the top popular music chart this year

3. How often do you clean the house?

Every day

Once a week

Clean only when absolutely necessary

5. Would you donate money to homeless people on the street?

It is conditional.

Yes, I always do my best.

No.I don't have a lot of money.

6. Imagine you grew a pair of wings one day. You would

fly to a wide open space in pursuit of freedom

fly to a beautiful location and take in the scenery from above.

fly beyond Earth to explore space

bring your loved ones along for the ride

7. You're lost in the middle of nowhere and need to find shelter for the evening. What kind of homeowner would you prefer to ask for shelter from?

A typical couple

A beautiful country girl

A tough-looking hunter

A nobleman/noblewoman in financial difficulty

Get ready to answer some quirky questions and discover if you're the adventurous protagonist, the wise mentor, or maybe even the mischievous sidekick in our fun Disney Movies test.