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Personality Test: Which Chiikawa Character Am I? quiz


What is your favorite activity?

Spending time with a little brown bear doll

Cooking, learning, photography

Sharing and maintaining friendships

Seeking praise from others

Indulging in delicious foods

Mastering various drinking skills

Achieving clear goals

Complete a difficult jigsaw puzzle

Going on a secret adventure


What kind of personality trait do you value the most?




Endearing nature and love for cuteness

Exceptional strength

Maturity and calmness

Work ethic and expressiveness




Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

Winning the lottery

Random and spontaneous eating

Mastering various skills

Making delicious food

Indulging in sweets

Working hard

Expressing yourself

Talking to friends all day long.

A long-distance trip


What do you prioritize in life?

Comfortable and calm life

Seeking the bright side

Bursting with energy and innovative ideas

Expressing demands loudly

Understanding of different life stories

Passionate, fulfilling life


What is your favorite saying?

"Kindness is the greatest strength."

"Every problem has a solution."

"Innovation leads to progress."

"Cutie power!"

"Strength lies within sweetness."

"Nurture with love and care."

"Express yourself and reach for success."

"I'm willing to be the best listener I can be."

"Curiosity is the key to moving the world forward"


What is your favorite type of photography?

Capturing emotions and heartfelt moments

Capturing the beauty of life

Capturing energy and unique perspectives

Capturing cuteness and adorable moments

Capturing strength and powerful images

Capturing serenity and calmness

Capturing expression and determination

Capturing moments of beautiful friendship

Capturing the thrill of extreme sports


Which animal do you feel most connected to?

Little brown bear



Flying squirrel

Sea otter






How do you react when something doesn't go as planned?

I become upset and seek comfort from others

I look for alternative solutions

I change the target.

I demand what I want assertively

I seek teamwork.

I handle it calmly and with maturity

I put more effort into finding solutions

I analyze rationally and summarize the failures

I'm dropping this program to pursue other activities.


What is your favorite dessert?

Anything that brings warmth

Fun and colorful desserts

Fresh fruit or light desserts

Cute and visually appealing treats

Sweet and indulgent desserts

Traditional desserts

Desserts specific to different countries

I like to eat desserts that I have made with my own hands

I am more willing to try other cuisines than desserts.