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Personality Quiz: Find Your Chinese Celebrity Crush!!!

1. Which quality in your partner do you find most appealing?



Nice Body

Career achievements

2. What temperament do you prefer in a partner?

Tough and masculine

Cute and innocent

Sunny and cheerful

Mature and thoughtful

3. Which quality do you believe makes a partner most attractive?

Charismatic and charming

Talented and creative

Confident and assertive

Kind-hearted and compassionate

4. How significant is your partner's career success to you?

Extremely significant

Significant, but not the sole determinant

Not significant; the collaboration between two individuals is equally rewarding

It matters little; I have the financial means

5. What is your ideal evening out?

Dinner followed by a movie

Outdoor adventure

Picnic in the park

Relaxing at home with Netflix

6. Where would you prefer to vacation?

Beach resort

European city

Mountain cabin

Tropical island

7. How do you prefer to travel?

By car

By bicycle

Public transportation

On foot

8. What is your favorite pet?





9. What is your preferred style of clothing?

Casual wear

Formal attire

Retro classics

Trendy fashion