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Which Christmas Character Are You?Christmas Character quiz

1. What is your favorite color during the holiday season?





2. How would your friends describe you?

Generous and happy

Reliable and lively

Cute and humorous

Often being misunderstood but loving

3. What is the Christmas gift you want most?

A Trip abroad

A Camera

A book

5. It's snowing heavily today, you would rather:

Go to the library to study

Hang out with friends

Build a snowman

Stay at home

6. What kind of weather do you hope for on Christmas Day?

Starry sky

Light snow

Heavy snow

7. Who would you prefer to spend Christmas with?

With your loved one

With family

With friends

Are you a merry little elf or a wise old reindeer? Take our Christmas personality quiz to find out which Christmas character matches your festive vibe. It's like a North Pole personality assessment!