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Personality test:Which Day Of The Week Are You?

1. Choose an activity to do on Monday:

Waking up early for a workout

Sipping coffee while catching up on the news


Having a delicious breakfast

Checking social media for updates

Having a peaceful moment of silence

2. Choose an activity for Tuesday:




Playing board games with friends or family

Taking a nap

Trying out new recipes

3. Choose an activity for Wednesday:

Taking a city walk

Taking a long, luxurious bath

Enjoying a glass of wine

Taking an online foreign language course

Reading a book

Playing with animals

4. Choose an activity for Thursday:



Taking a yoga class

Engaging in a VR game

Playing musical instruments


5. Choose an activity for Friday:

Ordering takeout from a favorite restaurant

Hosting a game night with friends or family

Watching a movie at the theater

Attending a live performance

Baking cupcakes

Making Bracelets

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