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Ready to channel your inner Disney villain?Disney test

1. Which of the following sidekick would you choose?

A loyal henchman

A knowledgeable magical item with life

A group of fierce understrappers

I don't need sidekicks.

2. What might be the reason why you want to be a villain?

Hatred in my heart

Desire in my heart

Jealousy in my heart

Being a villain doesn't need a reason.

3. You will choose which of the following place to be your lair.

Luxury castle

A ship

A very secret place.

I don't have any ideas.

4. Which of the following ability would you choose?


Magical power

Powerful physical strength

Ability to manipulate others

5. Choose a word to explain yourself.





6. Choose one of the following colors.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the wickedest of them all? Take our Disney quiz and discover which Disney villain is your true alter ego!